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March 14th

Baby ballet is cancelled in Tidmarsh.  Back the following week.

Tilehurst Eisteddfod Dance Festival

Congratulations to Alannah, Alice, Amber and Jasmine for their performances at the dance festival.   All of them gained over 80 marks for their dances.  Well done to Alice and Jasmine who both took 3rd place in their sections and Jasmine qualified for the regionals which will take place later this year. 


Parents are welcome to watch classes which is different from most dancing schools.  We invite parents to watch because there isn't anywhere to wait at our hall, also the younger children benefit from having their parents in the room.

However, parents are not required to make any comment regarding any child or the teacher.    No suggestions regarding the teaching are required.      Siblings should remain as quiet as possible and stay in their seats.  

If these obvious rules are not followed, the parent will be asked to wait outside during classes.  

Coming up  

Exams in April

Show end of July     ===  Dates to be confirmed


More acheivements 

The annual show took place 24th July 2016 and this was our best show yet.  The story was called The Holiday and 3 girls went on a very unusual adventure.  All performances were so good and I was impressed with the talented children that attend my classes.  I am a very lucky teacher to have these children in my school.  Now, I cannot wait to see what the next year brings.   


Very well done to all students who recently performed their solos for an external examiner. All children passed with merits, honours and distinctions.  Every child went home with a medal.  Particular mention went to Shanika for an amazing acrobatic solo and to Kaya for fantastic improvement.....What a great event.

Well done to Jasmine for completing a run in the Reading Hexagon Pantomime - Dick Whittington 

Congratulations to two of our students Alannah White and Dominic White who performed recently in Annie Junior Uk

 2016 has been a year of continuous improvement.  We entered three different competitions during the year.  Many children won medals and some won trophies.  A particular mention has to go to Alice Jewell who won most promising junior for the second year running at Burghfield and bowled the examiner over with her modern solo.  Thea Jack won the adjudicators trophy this year.   So, I am looking forward to 2017 when we will enter four different competitions and hope for an equally successful run.   


Exercise clothes and tidy hair

Please make sure your child is wearing suitable exercise clothes for dance class.  A dress is not appropriate because  exercises may be done  on the floor.  A leotard and leggings or tights is the most practical outfit. Failing that a fitted top with leggings.       Please also ensure that hair is neatly tied back, because loose hair results in bad habits.  Children constantly mess about with their hair during class and this results in a habit.  This habit continues even when their hair is nicely tied back in a bun at a later date for their exam.


Show Instructions 2017

Please arrive at the show (Burghfield CSA James Lane RG30 3RS) by 2.45pm in order to be ready for the start of the show 3.00pm. 

please do not leave your children unsupervised backstage except for when they are waiting for their dance.

Children should come backstage dressed ready , two dances before their dance.  

The show will run pretty smoothly but many of the children are very young and it takes a couple of minutes to bring them on and off the stage.  I thank you all in advance for your patience.

Please do not go in and out of the auditorium during dances .  There will be time to move in and out whilt i announce each dance and place children on the stage.

It is nice for the children to watch the dances that they are not in.  You can sit the children on your lap or they can sit in a space in front or to the side of the chairs.

The show will last aprox 1.5 hours... For the finale dance I would like the children to come up from the front of the stage so that we dont lose the audience for the last dance. Same as we did last year.

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