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None of the uniforms are compulsory.  However, sensible exercise clothes are expected for class.  Stretchy leggings with fitted top or tucked in.  Hair should be off the face and tied back tidly.  Children who arrive for class without tying back their hair will be reminded to do so.  Uniform is necessary for exams (See exam page for more info).  All uniforms can be bought on site at Southcote or at 'Dancia' in Caversham.  Uniforms for Infants--(upto and including Primary
Ballet---Pink leotard and skirt. Ballet tights and pink ballet shoes
Modern---Pink leotard and ballet tights. Elasticated belt.

Girls uniform from Grade 3 to Grade 5

Mulberry leotard with matching tights for modern and ballet tights for ballet.


Uniforms for Juniors (Pre-Grade One upto Grade 3)
Ballet-- Navy leotard and skirt with ballet tights and ballet shoes
Modern--Navy leotard with navy footless tights

Boys Uniform

White t-shirt with black leggings/smart tracksuit bottoms

Acro Uniform

Uniform usually worn for modern or pink SDSD logo top with joggers.

Boys can wear our provided black top and 3/4 length trousers for acro awards

There are also t-shirts available for girls only at present with our SDSD logo.  Boys t-shirts are on their way.  


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